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Who is GracieLaw99?

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Who is GracieLaw99? Gracie?? Gracie Law?? Dang but that name sounds so familiar!!  I know that I should know it!! "Oh Google God!!!  I Need You!!" "OK Google!  Who is Gracie Law?" "Gracie Law is a Chinatown lawyer, in the 1986 Movie "Big Trouble In Little China"  Played by Actress Kim Cattral" "Oh My Goodness!!! That is right!!!  How could I forget!!  I loved that movie and love Kim Cattral even more!!" "Hmmmm, But somehow I don't think that GracieLaw99 is Kim Cattral"  🤔   Folks, I take the greatest of pleasures to introduce to you the ONE and ONLY GracieLaw99!!!!  VixenAndStags very...

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