Infinity Heart Anklet

I Heart You For Infinity 💋💕💋

The Infinity Heart takes on many meanings so you get to choose what it means for you. It can mean that you are giving your heart to you one and only for Infinity, Thus Forever Love.
It can also signify a Polyamory relationship. Either way the symbol is eye catching and beautiful.

This anklet is a beautiful Silver Plated Infinity Heart Symbol on a Sterling Silver chain, closed with a Sterling Silver lobster clasp.
All my designs are made with a free 1" Extender Chain to allow for extra adjustment.

The "Hotwife" anklet makes the hot, sexy statement you want to make!
SEXY and EROTIC jewelry that shows your swinger lifestyle preferences.

**How to measure for the perfect Anklet for you.**

Normally an anklet sits just below the ankle bone so this is where you will want to measure.
Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your ankle or a piece of string around your ankle if you don't have a flexible measuring tape.
Tighten the tape or string so it fits snugly, but not too tight around your ankle.
Record the measurement from the measuring tape or cut the string and measure the string on a ruler or yardstick.
Add ½ inch to the measurement. For instance, if your measurement is 9 inches, add ½ inch. So the size anklet you will want is 9½ inches or 9.5

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