Sylvie Monthule Intimate Ecstasy Gold Penetrating G-String (ST174)

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This stunningly beautiful golden g-string thong will enhance your beauty. It is V-shaped and meticulously crafted with a blue or onyx jewel in it's center.  It is so gorgeous to look at. Best of all, is what's inside you while you wear it. Not only will you look sexy wearing it, but you'll feel intense pleasure too.  

That's right the 2.8 inches (7cm) of the sexy jewel fits nicely inside your pussy. It's diameter of 1.3 inches (34mm) will blow your mind for as long as you want to wear it. Each moment is bliss. Every movement will bring out your desires. You will experience intense satisfaction all day or all night long. Who knows, you may even climax and nobody has to know. Well of course you'll have to hide your intense orgasmic experience in public, but that is the fun of wearing this. 

Wear this fine golden g-string at work, at play, at the house or anywhere and anytime you want to feel extra special. Go on and look in the mirror. You know you look even sexier wearing it. 

Remember by adding this to your collection of fine items you have from us, that you will fall in love with the way it feels as you move. Oh! It does look gorgeous on you too. The perfect discrete way to bring yourself the pleasure you deserve and desire. You know you're dying to try it. We know cause we love it too. Many sexy times that are too hot to tell are waiting for you. 

Thanks to its soft and supple cotton elastics you position this jewel perfectly allowing the penetrating orb to snuggle up inside you, secretly! 

Drop length: 7 cm (approx)

1-micron 16-carat treatment and 24-carat finish. 

Penetrating droplet in gold plated and translucent blue or black onyx resin. 

Resin Ball has the of diameter 34 mm

Black elastics in cotton. Hand washable. 


A comfortable jewel with a perfect fit thanks to its elasticated waist system

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