Sylvie Monthule Bee To Nectar Penetrating Luxury Jewel Gold (CLT11)

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Infinite ecstasy for your clit and pussy await you with this divinely crafted piece of jewelry. It's form is created to give your body the thrills and pleasures that you desire and deserve.

It wears like a thong and the jewel fits the curves of your body. The top of the jewel is placed on your clit and gives it that perfect amount of pressure to give you pleasures untold all while the round drop is snuggled inside your pussy.

Every step and movement will tease you and please you for as long or as little as you want, but it feels so good that you'll wear it longer until you start to feel those sexual desires buried deep inside you that you didn't even know about come pouring out of your wet lips.

This beautiful piece of jewelry will definitely become your favorite to wear anywhere you want discreetly. Imagine wearing this in the office or around the house or even when you're going out and only you know about it. Imagine how much pleasure you'll receive with each and every step and movement that you take.

I know you just thought all about it. What are you waiting for? Get this exquisite jewel today and experience it yourself or your partner. Trust me, you won't be disappointed and I know you'll love it as much as I do.

How to wear it:

It fits like a thong.

You place the rounded end just inside your pussy. Feel it part your lips and stay comfortably inside your sexy body.

Then, you place the top of the jewel on your clit. Mmmm.... It feels so good already.

You can already feel the sweet pressure upon your clit and the comforting sensation of your pussy being filled.

Now you just enjoy the sexual sensations for however long you want. Always be safe and do what you enjoy. I do.


The outside jewel comes in plated gold or silver.

GOLD- 3 microns 16 carats and finish 24 carats on metal

SILVER- 10 microns on metal

The jewel comes in either Sapphire Blue Resin or Shiny Black

Ornament back has small serpents entwined.




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Chris Pierce

Sylvie Monthule Bee To Nectar Penetrating Luxury Jewel Silver (CLT12)

C Pierce
Great product, easy purchase

Was not sure of the size to purchase for my wife...customer support was wonderful as well!

Awesome, Love it.

Amazing products, woman loves this.Waiting for more.


Such great product! Wife loves it. Makes her so Very Wet when she wears it in public. Could be a little larger for the insertable piece, she likes a little more full feeling but it hits the right spots!!!