Sylvie Monthule Silver Brandenburg Caress G-String (ST143)

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This finely crafted, delicate g-string will enhance your natural beauty. The silver design features a jewel in it's center. The silver chains caress each side of your lips, while another 3 chains link from side to side with a ball in the center of each to tap different spots to keep you aroused for however long you choose to wear it. 

The 3 chains with a ball in the center of each, will keep you wanting to move around more as they tap your beauty in 3 different spots over and over, sending waves of bliss with each step that you take. 

Wear this lovely piece anywhere you want. At work, on a date or while running errands. Imagine running errands and smiling the entire time you move. Nobody will ever know the joy the chains will provide. From the ecstasy of the 3 chains to the pleasure the two chains caressing your sweet lips, this g-string will fill your needs completely as you desire and deserve. 

I already know how much pleasure you'll be getting every time you wear our finely crafted g string cause I'm wearing one right now. Mmmmm.... It feels so.....erotic. 

Surprise your wife, your girlfriend, your lover or your Mistress. We won't tell. The both you you will enjoy it immensely. Maybe you just want to feel as sexy as you look. Indulge yourself and add this lovely jewel to your collection today.

You may even find it to be so arousing that you will explode with sweet orgasmic release....I know I am. The best part is that nobody has to know that you're wearing it. Tease yourself. Enjoy every second of it's arousing chains. feels so gentle. Like delicate kisses upon your lips. 

Thanks to its soft and very flexible cotton elastics 
you position the String Bijou to perfection.

Silver plated jewelry 10 microns on metal. Elastic cotton side and back. 

Brandenburg knots are smooth and sweet, with Pierre Col hematite. 

Fine chains and balls. 



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