Sylvie Monthule Penetrating Golden Flower G-String (ST162)

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Are you sure that you're ready for all of the erotic and sensual sensations that your body will experience with this gorgeous golden flower that penetrates your flower? 

Do I even need to tell you how pretty it looks? You already know how orgasmic it's going to be with every movement you make. The rush of orgasmic bliss that you're going to experience may be too much for you. 

You better be ready to enjoy every moment you wear this incredible piece. I know you'll need to add it to your collection from our fine collection. 

I adore this for it's beauty alone. The design of the flower itself is exquisite. Add to it the penetration and it's perfect. Sexy and sexual all wrapped in one. It's erotic and sensual and oh so delectable. 

What are you waiting for? Buy it for yourself or anyone you love and wear it anywhere and anytime that you want to feel not just sexy, but sexual too. It will arouse within you deep felt passions that will need to come out. Wear it if you dare. I know I dared and I love, love, love it. 

Thanks to its soft and very flexible cotton elastics 
you position the String Bijou to perfection.

A very comfortable jewel with a perfect fit.

Penetrating Jewel String with gold plated 3 micron 16ct and 24ct metal finish. 

Elastic cotton. Hand washable. 



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