Sylvie Monthule Silver Perfume of Love G-String (ST159)

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This lovely piece of jewelry to wear features a black satin flower in front, a pretty heart design in back and the feature, oh the feature is so, so sexy. Silver chains caress your lips and the best part are the multiple chains that dangle in front just over your clit. That's right. Every movement makes the chains follow your rhythm and tap, tap, tap against your clit. I bet you can almost feel the rush of excitement already. 

The finely crafted silver chains will explore your desires and bring out your sexy passions that you didn't even know that you had. 

Imagine wearing it around the house with your partner during passionate sex. It will add to the excitement of love. 

You can be naughty as it is discrete to wear at work. Your coworkers wouldn't even know the pleasures that are surging throughout your body. Wear it while shopping. The sexy ways to enjoy this beautiful piece are endless and so is the fun that you will have knowing that nobody knows that you're wearing it. 

I've worn mine in many naughty places and experienced sensual sensations that were thrilling and I know that you will too. 

Indulge your passion for sexiness for yourself or a loved one for the both of you to enjoy. 

Thanks to its soft and supple cotton elastics 
you position the String Bijou to perfection.

String Jewel with silver plated treatment 10 microns on metal. 
Satin flower and draped opening. 

Fine chains. 

Soft cotton elastics, black side and back. Heart on the back. 


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