Sylvie Monthule Penetrating Golden Swan of the Night (ST154)

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Oh. My. God. This is the only thing that you will be saying when you wear this amazing piece. The golden swan has 3 delectable jewels that hang off the chain that slips between your lips. 

The jewels sway back and forth with your bodies rhythm and lovingly play against your wetness. 

You can even push them up into your blossoming flower. Mmmmmm.....yes. Can you feel it? Can you feel how delicious that chain feels snuggled inside your temple? Can you feel the jewels caress your lips each time they sway? Can you feel how arousing they can be inside you? 

I know I did and that's why I know you'll fall in love with this incredibly arousing and sexy piece of jewelry that you absolutely need to add to your fine collection. 

You deserve to feel such orgasmic bliss. You need that sexy feeling of knowing how much it adds to your beauty. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are sexy and this golden swan only accentuates it. Work it girl. Enjoy every tempting moment while you wear  this discrete jewel. 

It's so hot to wear at work. Lovely to wear on a date. It's fantastic to walk around in public while you're being teased and pleased and nobody will ever know. So naughty. 

You deserve it. Add this to your collection from our superior collection of fine pleasures. 

Thanks to its soft and supple cotton elastics 
you position the String Bijou to perfection.

String Jewel with high gilding treatment 1 micron 16 carats and 24 carat finish on metal. 

Swan with 3 full drops and chains. 

Soft cotton elastics, black side and back. 


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