Sylvie Monthule The Pleasure in Cage Silver Clitoris G-String (ST167)

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This silver cage is simply adorable. You can wear it high so that the hanging jewel caresses your clit with every movement or lower so that it hits your lips and you can slip inside for that delicious pleasure with each step you take. 

The jewel hits your clit just right every time. I know you're imagining how erotic it feels. Imagine having the jewel between your lips. Can you feel it teasing an orgasm? Can you feel the anticipation of sweet release. 

I know I can and I can tell you from experience just how wonderful you will feel when you add this sliver cage to your collection from our luxurious collection. 

I love wearing it to the office when nobody knows. I have to hold back from moaning out loud. I also love when I'm out and about and I look at strangers and wonder if they notice how excited I am while wearing this silver cage. 

Buy this for your own pleasure. Buy this for your wife, girlfriend, lover or Mistress. We won't tell if you won't. The pleasures you will have are blissful and endless. Enjoy yours as I enjoy mine. 

Thanks to its soft and elastic structure, it will stay perfectly in place.

String Jewel clitoris with cage, chains and drop pendant. 

Cage height approx 5 cm. 
Silver plated treatment 10 microns on metal. 

Elastic cotton. Hand washable. 


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